Scientific projects evoke a lot of creativity. They result in pictures, video's, drawings, illustrations and visualizations, some of which can be inspiring, or simply enjoyable to see. A large part of this creative content does not end up in scientific publications. In order to share this with you, I created this online project gallery.

The name of this website includes my initials 'BW' or 'Bregje Willemijn'. This is what I write on my tubes, bags, vials, boxes, and any other materials I use in the lab. Hence, this is how others recognize my work-in-progress. That's why I decided to leave this trace here too.

The topics of the content change slightly over the years, as does my research. Nevertheless, aquatic biology is at the core of all of the projects:

Project overview

2017-2022, Ph.D. project, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University

For my Ph.D., I studied how colonizing microbiota affect the toxicity of nanomaterials to microbially-colonized hosts. The focus of this work was twofold. Firstly, interactions between microbes and particles that can potentially affect the fate and biodistribution of nanoparticles were studied. Secondly, interactions between hosts and microbiota that can shape the host its response to toxic nanomaterials were studied, and the underlying toxicity mechanisms were explored. To do so, a combination of zebrafish larvae experiments and computational methods was used. My Ph.D. project was part of the EU funded H2020 project PATROLS: 'Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment'.

2014-2016, Master Limnology and Oceanography, University of Amsterdam

2011-2014, Bachelor Biology, Leiden University